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Searching for a vape juice shop in Seattle? Ruze Vapor Shop launched in South Seattle in October of 2017. Our key focus is our determination to maintain the largest selection of quality Pacific Northwest products. All experience levels of vapers are greeted warmly and ensured to receive quality and accurate educational information from hardware and devices, to e-liquid selection. Ruze Vapor Shop has the pleasure of serving our local community, who are better known as our "Ruze family."

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What Others Are Saying About Ruze Vapor

Lashae King


"Best vape shop in my life ever best prices and the people here know what there talking about I didn't feel like I was being talked at they were talking to me. And they weren't couched real people knowledgeable shop. Helped me very much! Your doing great."

Kolton Curtis


"Great atmosphere and amazing selection. Definitely a shop that is worthy of a visit, let alone. I would highly recommend new vapers or even veteran vapers to come here as the crew is knowledgable, incredibly friendly and welcoming."

Pierce Stokes


"Amazing shop, great environment, if there are any new vapors out there I would highly suggest to come here, they will actually set you up with what's good for you not sales."

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Ruze Vapor guarantees the highest levels of security and quality assurance. Utilizing proprietary mixing and steeping methods, Ruze Vapor has been able to advance some truly unique flavors. With Ruze Vapor you truly get a nice balance of intricacy that really makes sense. We like to say: “complexity kept simple.”

We work in a fun and exciting environment where quality, consistency, security and attention to detail are never overlooked! We mix our heart and souls into every batch, capturing the very essence of the great Pacific Northwest through premium e-liquid flavors. What started as a community grassroots effort has turned into an international sensation.

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Our E-Liquids