6 Things You Should Know When Switching to Vaping

6 Things You Should Know When Switching to Vaping

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

If you’re a smoker who’s taking the first step towards kicking the habit by turning towards vaping, then you’ve made the right choice. However, vaping itself does have its own things going on that may prove to be a challenge for first-time vapers.

To make that transition simpler, here are six things you should look at in order to make vaping a more fun experience for you.

Consider Dual Use

A lot of smokers would quit cigarettes cold turkey and go straight into vaping, only to find out that they still crave for cigarettes. This makes falling back into the old habit much more of a certainty, which is why you have to make it a gradual transition from smoking to vaping.

That’s where dual use comes in. You can alternate between smoking and vaping over the next few weeks, then start tapering off of cigarettes and move over to vaping, perhaps even increasing the nicotine on your eliquid to compensate for the change, then eventually get to 100% vaping.

Vaping Method and Frequency

The mistake that most vaping beginners make is going hog wild with it at first. Since vapes don’t run out quickly like cigarettes do, you may just puff away without long breaks. Soon enough, you’ll start getting dizzy and light-headed.

That’s the nicotine building up in your system. Since you can get more nicotine at one time from vaping compared to cigarettes, you can easily get too much. When you start feeling light-headed, you should back off and drink some water, then remember to not go so hard next time.

On the other hand, you can take a longer drag with vaping. Unlike cigarettes, as long as your vape is set up right, it won’t be harsh at all.

Whether you’re doing mouth-to-lung inhales like a smoker or direct-to-lung, you can take a long, soft inhale, then blow out the vapor to get decent clouds and the satisfaction you’re looking for.

Social Impact and Community

There is no other ways about it—vaping can be disruptive. Not everyone likes the copious amounts of vapor that’s produced, and it can get contentious having to deal with people who don’t take too kindly to your vaping.

There’s also the law seeing it the same way, and the media doesn’t help things either. On the other hand, the science has consistently shown how it’s a vast improvement over smoking tobacco, and more and more people are slowly but surely starting to understand that.

Some governments do get it, like in the UK where vaping is being backed as a harm reduction strategy. It’s getting more acceptance over time, and it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a fully viable alternative to smoking that’s accepted by the whole world.

Meanwhile, the great thing about vaping is the community that surrounds it. Vapers tend to support each other and help those who are coming into it, especially those who are looking to quit smoking. There are also plenty of online resources and hangouts where you can get information and support for your vaping needs.

Vaping is also big on social media, where you can post your hand checks (picture of your vape device and/or eliquid you’ll be enjoying for the day) and show them off to various vaping communities out there, whether it’s a Facebook group or one of the many hashtags in Instagram.

Vaping Etiquette

There are social and legal factors involved when you vape in public. Outside the comfort of your own home, you have people who have to deal with your vaping. Many don’t like it, and you can get some feathers ruffled if you don’t consider both people’s feelings and the law when vaping.

Maintain common sense practices like not blowing it on people’s faces, ask for permission whenever possible, don’t vape indoors when there are smoke detectors present, and so on. Even if it’s perfectly legal in those circumstances, you may waste a lot of time and energy arguing with someone who happens to not like it in turn.

Meanwhile, a lot of places treat vaping like smoking, so they’re lump together in clean air acts. The general rule of thumb for this is to vape only where smoking is allowed. If you’re unsure of whether it’s safe to vape in certain establishments, it’s best to ask about it.

Traveling with Your Vape

Transport regulations differ with every destination, so you have to read up on legalities regarding vaping in that particular country. Some allow it, while others impose heavy penalties for possession of eliquids and vaping paraphernalia.

More recently, some things have changed for the better. You can now take an e-cigarette on board with you on the condition that you leave it unscrewed and you are restricted from vaping in the plane.

You also can’t store your batteries and devices in your hold luggage due to fire hazard. They have to be in your carry-on during the flight.

Quitting Vaping

It should be easy enough to quit vaping, or at least it’s easier than trying to quit smoking. If that’s indeed your goal, you should be able to taper off over time more easily than with cigarettes.

Since vaping doesn’t involve the same amount of ingredients compared to cigarettes, there are a lot less things messing with you and keeping you addicted other than nicotine itself.

The majority of vapers have found it less addictive to smoking, although do take note that everyone’s bodies are different and some may not respond to it the same way.