7 Celebrities Who Swear By Their Vape

7 Celebrities Who Swear By Their Vape

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Have you ever wondered who you could point to when your friends ask why you love your vape so much?

Like the hordes of people who love bigger lips because of Kylie or everyone who wants to smoke Lucky Strikes because they saw Don Draper do it in Mad Men, celebrity culture is a huge part of cementing popular habits in the public consciousness.

The list of celebrities who vape gets longer every day; here are the who’s who of the Hollywood vaping world.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Whether it’s at a fine dining establishment, the SAG Awards, or just roaming the streets of New York,  the Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t go anywhere without his vaporizer.

He’s also known to never be seen with the same vape pen or box mod. Vapes are like outfits for the former Titanic actor, they must never be repeated!

Rumor has it that the star doesn’t like to share either; it’s just Leo and his vape from here on out.

2. Lindsay Lohan

The original celebrity vaper, the child starlet’s famous 2011 photo which featured her vaping while reading a script is iconic at this point.

In retrospect, it was a smaller Lindsay controversy. Most people were just glad that she was steering clear of the drugs and trying safer alternatives.

Lindsay’s still seen smoking her vape pen on and off even today. Tribute must be paid to how long she’s been a trooper for the lifestyle.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s done it all; she’s kissed a girl, worn daisy dukes with a bikini on top, and she vapes too! While Katy may seem like a dark horse (pun always intended) on this list, don’t count her vaping skills out just yet.

She was spotted with a vape pen in one hand and a beer in the other on her own Labor Day Party, and has been seen sharing a vape pen with bae Orlando Bloom on multiple occasions.

4. Charlie Sheen

There are celebrity vapers, and then there’s Charlie Sheen. The former Two and a Half Men star loves vaping so much, that he has partnered with an e-cigarette company to put his name on the brand’s logo.

We deeply respect his dedication to the cause.

5. Robert Pattinson

When the Twilight star isn’t turning young girls into vampires, he likes to turn to his trusty vape during his time off.

Unlike his on-screen alter ego, Pattinson doesn’t care whether it’s at day or night, he was seen at Coachella dancing to Drake, vape in mouth. Many people have also seen him smoking a vape while walking the streets, proving that blood isn’t the only thing he’s an enthusiast of.

6. Jack Nicholson

Fighting ageism in Hollywood one vape at a time, Jack Nicholson is on this list to represent all the octogenarians who can’t put their vape down.

The celebrated The Shining actor exudes a decidedly different vibe from that other Jack while vaping. It’s a lot calmer shall we say.

Jokes aside, Jack Nicholson is never seen without his vape; whether he’s signing autographs or seated beside his son at the Staples Center, it goes with him.

7. Samuel L. Jackson

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with his badass Pulp Fiction persona, but Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty avid vaper.

He started out small in 2014, when he was first seen with a vape on The Tonight Show. These days, Jackson is seen with much more… massive vaporizers. There’s no competing with his cool.

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