How Can You Get More Flavor From Your Vape?

How Can You Get More Flavor From Your Vape?

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

You’ve bought a new bottle of eliquid and are expecting a flavor bomb to come your way once you put it into your tank and puff away. But then, you’re met with disappointment as it doesn’t taste right. You may think you have a dud, but it may be more about your setup.

There are many things you must do in order to get more flavor out of your eliquid. Some of them are fairly basic, while others are more specific and may not be what you expect when talking about flavor in vaping.

Reduce Your Airflow

Different airflow settings suit different purposes. For instance, high airflow is best for blowing fat clouds, but it may not be best for delivering maximum flavor.

In that case, you may want to reduce the airflow until it hits the sweet spot for you. Closing it entirely may not be the best solution either as it results in poor vapor quality and may make hits too hot and harsh.

Airflow Position Impacts Flavor

The most common design for atomizers is to have its airflow holes on the sides, next to the heating coils.

However, there's one better for pure flavor, which is having the airflow holes below the coils. Under-coil airflow actually helps improve vapor flavor, thus making it ideal for flavor chasers.

Top airflow is your next best alternative. It fits the sweet spot between pure flavor and value production, this making it good for both flavor chasers and cloud chasers.

Adjust Your Vape Settings

If you happen to be using a regulated mod with adjustable settings, whether it's wattage or temperature, you have an easy way to improve the flavor. Different eliquids responds best to different power levels, so you'll want to find that sweet spot through a progression.

Start from the lowest setting and work your way up, trying it out each time. Once you've reached the point wherein it tastes best for you, that means you've found the sweet spot.

Carefully Select Your Coil

As the thing that heats up the eliquid to turn it into vapor, the coil is an important part of the flavor equation. The two main factors with coils is the Ohms and the surface area.

The lower the Ohms, the more power can flow through the coils. The more surface area there is, the more juice is vaporized at one time.

Certain coil wires like different types of Claptons are basically coils within coils, making them great for this as they have a lot of surface area for heating up eliquid.

All those twists and turns, when used right to build your tank, can greatly help in giving you robust flavor with every hit.

Select a Higher PG Juice

For those who aren’t that familiar with the two main eliquid bases, they are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Eliquids these days tend to be a mix of the two in various proportions.

High VG ratio makes for greater vapor production, but VG alone is sweet and doesn’t carry flavor as well as PG. Therefore, if you’re after flavor alone, then you may want to go for high PG eliquids.

Choose a Narrow Drip Tip

Large-bore drip tips are wider and create a light and airy vapor. This makes them ideal for cloud-chasers looking to nail the coolest tricks.

But all the extra vapor from a wide-bore drip-tip dilutes your e-juice's flavor. Changing your mod's drip tip can really improve your flavor.

A narrow drip tip won't produce huge billowing clouds. But you will get the most potent flavor out of each puff. And the thinner your drip tip the more potent your flavor!

Experiment with different drip tip diameters and find the balance that is perfect for you.

Change Your Wick

After the coil, you must then consider your wick. Making use of Japanese organic cotton over synthetic materials is best as they are much less adulterated and won’t mess with your eliquid.

You must also be able to change your wick regularly. Of course, you need to use a rebuildable atomizer for this so you can take out the old wick and put in the right amount of new wick as needed.

You may want to dry-fire the coils upon removing the old wick to dry it out first, then wait for it to cool before putting the new wick in. You then put eliquid onto the wick and coil afterwards and fire it a few times at lower settings to prime it before getting it to where you want it.

Another reason for changing your wick is if you’re about to put in a different flavor. If you don’t, you may get ghost flavors that make your current eliquid not taste right.

Avoid Vaper's Tongue

The most important part of the flavor equation is definitely the tongue that tastes in the first place. Unfortunately, the tongue does indeed get tired and too used to a flavor with overexposure. This is called vaper’s tongue, and it can be why you’re not enjoying an eliquid as much as before.

When faced with this form of flavor fatigue, the best way about it is to simply change flavors. Not just the individual flavor itself, but the flavor type. You may also want to drink more water and even sip on a lemon to reset your tastebuds.

Switching regularly and cleansing your palate can help you avoid vaper’s tongue and keep enjoying your vaping experience.

Vaping Maintenance

Keeping things clean goes a long way to maximizing flavor. Built-up gunk can ruin flavor quite easily as residue from your eliquid collects in your coils and wick.

Besides, you’re supposed to change your wick and coils regularly anyway, so don’t be afraid to give the internals a good wipe and clean while you’re at it.