Switching From Cigarettes To Vapes

Switching From Cigarettes To Vapes

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Have you finally decided to join the light side of the force? Or are you struggling with freeing yourself from the power the dark side has on you?

To quote Yoda, “PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE, my young padawan.”

It’s never easy to kick a habit. This is especially true of smoking. It’s not just being used to the motions either; the nicotine withdrawals can be really bad for some people.

The good news is, studies have already shown that vaping has helped many smokers transition or quit entirely. Wherever you may be in that journey, this guide will help you figure it all out.

Not Knowing Where To Start

Most smokers get intimidated by the idea of vaping. They don’t know where to even start; should you get a disposable or reusable vape, what even are VG/PG values, and what kind of vape pen should I buy?

Luckily, vape stores are really helpful with explaining the basics, and there are a ton of online resources that help you get started. We recommend trying vaporizer that a friend uses to get started and see how you like it.

When shopping for your first vape pen, try a disposable one first. As you get the hang of it, you eventually spring for a fancier, refillable kind.

Heavy Smokers

One of the biggest reasons that heavy smokers find is especially hard to quit is because they can’t let go of the nicotine high that they get. The heaviest smokers can inhale upwards of 45 mg of nicotine in one day!

The number varies for vaping based on a number of factors, but even a person who consumes 12 mg vape juice and finishes 10 ml of e-liquid (that’s a high number) every three days takes in around 40 mg.

E-liquids have the added benefit of being available in varying nicotine strengths, making them great for when you’re trying to limit your nicotine habit. As you get more used to vaping, you can lower your intake from 12 mg liquid to 6 mg to 3 mg and on-wards.

Vaping also significantly cuts down on other harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes (more than 10!). The studies are in, and vaping is almost 95% percent safer than smoking tobacco is, and has helped many quit.

Casual Smokers

Casual smokers aren’t necessarily addicted to cigarettes, but they do get a kick out of smoking the occasional fag. It’s much easier for such smokers to transition to e-cigs.

Not only is it better for your health, but you can also stow away your e-cigarette if you only smoke it occasionally, without any worry of degradation and staleness that is a worry with conventional cigarettes.

What’s more, the bevy of flavors can make each time you do smoke a different experience. A lot of casual smokers even swear by 0 mg e-liquid, since they get the feeling of smoking without inhaling any nicotine.

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