Top 7 Vaping Tips for Beginners in 2019

Top 7 Vaping Tips for Beginners in 2019

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

For many people, vaping is a hobby that enriches their lives. Whether you’re enticed or intimidated by vaping, getting into it can be a journey that is quite interesting at the very least and rewarding at its best.

If you’re a beginner who’s looking to learn more about vaping, then please read about these tips we have for you as you embark on your vaping adventure in 2019.

Only Buy Premium Eliquid

Cheaper eliquid may seem tempting since they still look pretty good, but is more affordable. However, don't fall for those low prices as it's more likely you'll end up hating it when you get back home to vape it.

Premium eliquids use medical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients, and more affordable ones tend to cheap out on those components. Not only will you be able to taste the difference, but it can also do a number on your body as well.

Know the PG/VG Ratio That's Right for You

One of the first things you learn about vaping is what propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are. These two eliquid bases have their advantages, and you will eventually learn which of them you prefer. Moreover, you learn that PG and VG put together makes for best balance of flavor, cloud production, and throat hit.

PG is more neutral in flavor and less viscous. It gives a deeper throat hit (that feeling of the throat tightening a bit as you inhale) and doesn't interfere as much with the flavor of the eliquid. However, some people may be allergic to PG.

Meanwhile, VG is sweeter and more viscous, thus it makes thicker clouds and provide smoother hits. You may want an eliquid that has higher VG ratio for its sweeter flavor and thicker clouds, or maybe higher PG ratio for its deeper throat hit.

Once you know what ratio you like best, you can then narrow down what eliquids you prefer over time.

Regular Maintenance

Vaping is more than just about buying devices and eliquid and vaping with them. For a lot of people who end up sticking to vaping, this is a big part of why they got into it. For others, it's more of a hassle. However, regular maintenance is a crucial part of vaping.

Things like making sure your eliquids are fresh and shaken up before every use, cleaning your tanks regularly, changing your coils every other week (if you vape often), checking your batteries and their connections, and so on should be done religiously. That's the cost of having something that's not disposable like cigarettes. But in the long run, that cost is small compared to the enjoyment you can get from vaping.

If you want your eliquids always to taste great, your tanks to always run smooth, and your batteries not blowing up in your face, then it's just something you have to see as a part of vaping as a whole.

Properly Storing Your Eliquids

It goes without saying that eliquids should be stored in a cold and dark place and should be sealed properly at all times. The enemies of eliquid are light, heat, and air, all of which can deteriorate its quality.

If you just bought a bottle of premium eliquid and found it rather stale or lacking in flavor, then all you have to do is just store it away in a cool and dark place like a cupboard or drawer for a week or two. The flavors in that eliquid should have time to marinate together.

Also make sure to store them in a way that won't yield any leaks. Keep the bottles upright whenever possible and make sure the caps are properly closed and sealed. Don't let air get into your eliquid as that will end up oxidizing it, which will negatively impact the flavor.

Finally, use up that eliquid within a year. Eliquid expires past a year, although it's not a strict rule of thumb. Just remember that it's best to chuck a bottle in the trash if it's more than a year old, especially if it actually changed color.

Beware of Plastic Tanks

Certain eliquid flavors are naturally acidic, like menthol, citrus, essential oils, and cinammon. They can eventually warp and even crack plastic tanks. Since a majority of vape starter kits tend to have plastic tanks, it's best to invest in glass or pyrex tanks as you continue to vape.

Even if you’re not vaping acidic eliquids, it’s still a good idea to have glass tanks. Since glass is chemically neutral, it won’t react with your

Different Flavors in Different Tanks

If you find yourself unable to decide between a tangy fruit flavor or a scrumptious dessert flavor at one time, it may be time to invest in another tank. Instead of changing eliquids in one tank when you feel like having the other one, having the other eliquid in another tank would mean you only have to change the tank when you want to switch.

Another advantage of this is you won't have to deal with "flavor ghosting." That's when you seem to taste another flavor that's not supposed to be there, which is basically the eliquid in the tank mixing with the eliquid in the wick.

By having another tank, you don't have to clean the tank every time you switch.

Don't Be Afraid to Explore Flavors

The best part of vaping is being able to experience the variety of flavors out there. Visit all the vape shops near you and ask about eliquids you haven't tried yet. If you've only vaped fruit, try desserts, candy, or drinks. You can even mix and match flavors and discover a unique combination that's just right for you.

There’s also the issue regarding “vaper’s tongue,” which is basically when you’ve vaped a particular flavor so often that you can’t taste it anymore. That’s normal in vaping and is just a signal that you should switch flavors. You should also drink more water when it happens.

In fact, always drink more water when you’re vaping.

The great thing about vaping in this day and age is that the possibilities are endless, and they're still expanding even further.